Sixth Sense

Like a moth navigating the night, like the way blind tendrils find support to wind themselves about. If it defeats reason, doesn't make sense, maybe the sense it makes is not in the realm of one of the five.

This is a pair of earrings and a matching necklace. The silk is dark brownish, purplish black embellished heavily with a zig-zag line of glowing copper and black glass beads. The dark silver wire at the top is twisted into tendril-like coils that hint at antennae.

In the shop on Monday.



It's cold but doesn't have to be bleak.

Here's a garland of soft, evergreen boughs sprinkled with cheerful red berries, something for celebrating the solstice season. A little pocket to keep the peace and hope in, the medicine of warmth deliciously contrasting with the crisp air.

In the shop today.


By the Fire

An amulet bag to take you through the winter, to hold whatever warms your heart.

The silk was dyed with plants, pleated and smocked with tiny black beads that resemble shiny pieces of coal. The colour is pink, salmon, muted orange, with the top and bottom brown, as if touched by ashes and charcoal. At the top, the pleats rise in an arch, like flames or the warmth from the hot coals, dotted with embers.

In the shop right now.



Autumn is slowly turning into winter and all the colours into brown so here's one more necklace to hold onto the melancholy, fleeting autumn beauty.

Dyed in overlapping autumn reds, oranges, yellows, browns and greens, the pleats gently crumpled and creased like a leaf. The chain is decorated with those smoky, speckled beads from a vintage necklace (probably bladdernut seeds once popular in rosaries) and deep garnet red faceted glass beads.

In the shop later today.



Fruit and feather, in the shop today.


The Gift

"Do you prefer your reality neat or blended with magic?"

You find yourself in a fairytale, an exotic country. In the market square, chance leads you to cross paths with an old man, his eyes under the hood are deep black, like stars. You feel he's known you forever. He asks you strange, confusing questions. He gives you something, presses it in your palm. When you lift your gaze again, he's gone. A bird shoots across the sky like an arrow pointing west. The quest begins...

The silk for this amulet bag was steeped in romantic tales and dyed to a dark blue with a teal cast. The pouch closes with a piece of silk cord dyed with indigo and finished with faceted beads. The ends of the cord have been combed into tassels.

In the shop on Thursday.


A Winter's Night

A winter's night, frosty, quiet and clear. The frozen bare ground talks to the twinkling stars.

This necklace turned out an interesting colour. It's greyish blue with a yellowish layer that I emphasized with the thread and gold beads. As if the beads cast a glow across the blue.

The raw edges and the centre are dark brown, almost like a fur trim. The brown created intricate patterns on the back that again I brought out with the smocking.

It closes with a toggle of twinkling star-like faceted beads.

It will be in the shop on Tuesday together with a turquoise feather accompanied by a little cairn of tiny stone nuggets.


Hope Ever Green

This necklace has an Art Nouveau feel to it. Part tassel, part peacock feather, an arabesque. At the same time it makes me think of Christmas. When I look at it I smell pine needles. It is all kinds of green and hopeful. Like when the sun turns at its lowest point at the Winter solstice. Hope ever green.

It has a soft, raw edge and it's smocked and beaded in opalescent silver beads in a zig-zag pattern, like a trail of frost crystals.

In the shop on Friday.



Here are the fresh autumn jewels I promised.

First up - the King's Falcon necklace. A feather of truly royal proportions (probably the largest I've ever made) and a copper shield with the king's shining emblem.

And a thistle brooch. The down on this one is extra long and silky soft.

In the shop tomorrow (Wednesday).


Half Term

It's been a school holiday week. I enjoyed a trip to Tudor times with A.

Haven't been updating but that should change in the next week or two. There are some six new pieces of jewellery waiting to be photographed and listed.