It's barely mid-February and Spring seems unstoppable. Here are some snowdrops from the garden for you and two feathery pairs of earrings. In the shop on Saturday.


A Group of Thistles

For anybody who likes the size without the weight: a new pair of thistle earrings. There's a also a large necklace as well as a smaller one with an adjustable chain.

All will be in the shop on Saturday.

Today so far: boiler repaired - tick, little queen Elsa delivered to preschool - tick, parcel posted - tick. Now off to work on some feather earrings...



...yesterday's blue feather and new earrings. Now in the shop.


Tested by Winter

So far this year I've had less time to work so the updates are less frequent. Today there's a new blue feather in the shop. There should be blue feather earrings soon and then a thistle or two.

It's that bitter time of year again when our strength seems tested by winter. First crocuses are out in the park but the days are still dark.


Shell and Feather

New in the shop today - a shell and a feather.


Looking Back

Here are all the Calendarium pieces together. The year 2015 in dyeing.

I wasn't sure whether to continue but luck brought me a bunch of twigs, freshly pruned from a eucalyptus tree. I take that as a sign to carry on, there will be something to dye with every month.


Calendarium : December

Hello in 2016! Life is back on track here after pausing for the holidays.

The first necklace this year is in fact one that was started in December and it's the missing twelfth Calendarium piece. Like its predecessors it's part of a series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

In December I dyed the silk with some thorny brambles I cut back in the garden. The dye was left to oxidise for a few days. When the dyebath is left standing it can change or intensify the colour.

When I came to choose the embroidery threads I was reminded of myrrh, the precious resin burned as incense since atiquity, one of the most ancient scents. The smoke of the offering silently rising and connecting us to the invisible. It fitted well with the meditative, celebratory and hopeful mood at the end of the year. I used shades of amber for the smocking and finished the chain with nuggets of black onyx.

It will be in the shop tomorrow (Saturday).



It's been a slower week here and there's only a little update - a single blue feather which will be in the shop tomorrow.

Today I'm working on two pomegranates and a few other things that have been requested.

That time of year again - A. is excitedly opening an envelope of her advent calendar every day.

Have a good weekend.


Calendarium : November

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

In November I picked up some gingko and oak leaves on the way to pre-school. They were steamed into the silk. I then changed and set the colour with iron.

Love-in-a-mist. Barely there. Is it something? Nothing? A dream? A handful of smoke gathered, held together by an intricate gold lace of... hope? faith? What is the essential ingredient that can hold such things together and can it make them real? What is 'real' anyway? Lots of questions this November.

The silk is a mottled brownish grey, the edge softly fraying, the smocking shines with golden glass beads. The chain is finished with four very special vintage beads - I think they are Bohemian black garnets.

It will be in the shop on Friday.

PS I've spruced up my website. What do you think? Is it working?


Full Circle

Beautifully packaged, Mona sent me some Japanese indigo seeds with an interesting history.

She grew her indigo from the seeds of my plants that I was growing years ago on the balcony, before A. and before moving into this house. Now they've come full circle, as she says.

I look forward to planting them next spring.

Thank you very much, Mona!

PS I should have November Calendarium ready tomorrow.