Sweet Honey

Today I have for you some freshly cut comb, heavy with honey.

In the shop in a minute.


Fruit of Early Spring

This necklace is made from extra special fabrics I've been saving. It's silk dyed with my home grown Japanese indigo. One year the crop of fresh leaves gave the turquoise I used for the top and another year a different harvest produced the aqua colour on the inside of the fruit.

As usual, the fruit is heavy with all the juicy garnets and comes on an adjustable chain.

Find it in the shop on Tuesday.

There are snowdrops, crocuses in the park, birds are signing, Spring is around the corner!



Two more storyline bracelets: one dyed red with madder root and the other dark indigo blue.

In the shop on Saturday.


Sweet and Mellow

This morning I woke up from a dream just as the bells chimed seven. It was one of those dreams that tinge the whole day and subtly set the mood, like a trace of a scent or a memory of a tune. Do you ever have those? This one felt so sweet and mellow like wrapping one's tired heart in a wool blanket and feeding it something restorative.

Here's a sweet little brooch in warm, mellow tones. A little touch of colour that can soften and light up a neutral day or outfit.

In the shop on Wednesday.


Storyline Bracelet

A little something for the weekend: a simple bracelet made from a silver chain interwoven with silk cord dyed indigo in my vat.

The thread of the story winds its way through the links of the chain, following the ins and outs, the twists and turns of the plot. Eventually it arrives back where it started with the experience of having been to the other side.

The ends of the cord have been combed into soft tassels and the hook clasp embellished with a nugget of turquoise.

In the shop today.



This speckled feather is a result of an experiment. I printed a rusty piece of lacy iron over the pleats. The silk is crisp organza dyed pinkish beige with an oak gall and the iron print is dark grey.

Natural and minimalist.

In the shop today.


Dandelion Daydreams

The testing, taxing, last stretch of winter. Reserves are running low. The mind turns to Spring, daydreaming of daffodils and dandelions.

This brooch is a perennial patch of green. A bowl of fresh grass on the window sill. Yellow flowers nodding in the bright wind. A little hopeful Easter egg hidden under the budding tree.

In the shop today together with two new feathers - one in blue-green and the other gold.


Green Winter

I've always wondered at the fact that here in England winters are green. The lack of leaves exposes all the lichen and moss on tree trunks. There's ivy. Cypresses. The grass never quite goes underground. It's not a noisy, everybody-look-at-me spring kind of green. It's a green that blends well with greys and rusts and muddy browns. A Green-man, always-there-at-the-background-of-everything kind of green.

This amulet bag has the colours of this season. Its pleats are held by a tracery of smocking giving it the slightly rough feel of tree bark. The bottom edge is soft and left raw. The clasp is in the shape of an ivy leaf.

In the shop today.



It all came together on my table: wreaths from pruned wisteria, dry box leaves from a Christmas decoration, some moss-like threads and an amulet bag in progress.



Here's something for the weekend: a bell-shaped kind of flower. It's composed of two layers of silk - the upper is dark-ish indigo blue and the inner darkest purple from logwood. The fabric is densely smocked in blue with the threads criss-crossing in an intricate pattern. It has three stamens with vintage glass beads painted old gold, deliciously uneven like ancient grains of pollen. The same beads decorate the toggle that closes the long chain.

In the shop on Saturday.