Midsummer Night

Untitledmidsummer night

A little magic on St John's Eve. Every day I'm grateful to be living in this beautiful, old garden.

This week I finished another (reserved) poppy necklace and am taking the rest of the time off. Next week I'll be by the sea and away from the internet. See you after that.


Larger Greens

larger greens

Here's the second half of the recent green family. In the shop now.

We're going away for the weekend. A. is looking forward to playing with other people and I'm taking some work with me.


Calendarium : June

calendarium : June

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

In June a lot of eucalyptus leaves fell in the garden from the neighbour's tree. A. helped me collect them and they were certain to go in the dye pot. The silk for this necklace was first steamed and then dyed with eucalyptus, rose and birch leaves. It gave a pleasing old gold colour. Then I wanted something darker for the centre, forgot I was making a Calendarium piece and reached for the humble but always useful onion skins. Not found outside but perhaps capturing June's slightly distracted flavour. Bumbling with the bumble bees...

The silk has deep pleats and the round shape of a flower. The centre is decorated with a large number of movable 'stamens', each embellished with a golden bead. The chain closes with a toggle composed of a red circle - a symbolic wreath of roses and a golden magic wand.

This is a mandala-like golden rose of the philosophers hinting at the perfect goal completing the alchemical opus.

In the shop on Wednesday.

philosophers' roseUntitled


Little Greens

little greens

Three little green feathers (and a piece of angelica from the garden) for the weekend.

In the shop on Saturday.


The Mystery of Sleep

Untitledthe mystery of sleep

Where do we go when we fall asleep? Where do dreams come from?

This necklace celebrates the mysterious beauty of the opium poppy. It takes the shape of a red silk petal smocked in darkening shades of red and decorated with silver beaded 'stamens'. The chain is sprinkled with black seed-like beads.

In the shop Thursday evening.





Working on some green feathers. Also something in red. And something in gold for June.

The garden has been a delight lately.




Training the telescope onto the unknown. Finding patterns in the unfamiliar.

This necklace takes the shape of a section of the night sky. The organza silk had many dips in my indigo fermentation vat and was dyed to a deep blue. It is smocked and beaded with 'stars' of different colours joined together with lines of the imagination.

The dark blue piece of silk was enough for three of these pendants. One is in the shop now, the other two will be added during next week.





Sometimes I like to make a large group of feathers so that I can look at them all together.

The three little ones in the inner circle are in the shop now. I will gradually finish, photograph and list the rest over the next week or so.


Calendarium : May

calendarium : may

Part of the Calendarium series in which I make a piece every month dyed with whatever I find outside at that time.

May was about the beautiful purple maple tree. First I rolled the leaf bud scales together with some jack-by-the-hedge leaves into the silk and steamed the colour in. That created the dark grey centre with specks of brown or yellow. Then I overdyed the fabric with more purple maple scales.

This necklace takes the shape of a flower. Of something radiating out or listening in. It makes me think of flowers by night or the antennae of moths. There are tendrils, vibrant colours whispered in the dark and black glimmering stars.

In the shop right now.



The Alchemical Flower

sun and moon in the alchemical vesselthe alchemical flower: sun, moon and stars

I mused about it then and am still wondering about the nature of dandelions. There seems to be something alchemical about the three stages and the transformation from sun to moon to stars.

With two of the same plant the sun and the moon can be added to the same vessel. There's the alchemical marriage again.

I'm working on several feathers and other things. It's one of those times when a lot is in progress and nothing completed. There will be a bigger update probably next week.